Fly Traps for House Flies and Stable Flies

Remember: Anything that you can do to disrupt the fly life cycle will help to keep their numbers down.

Biting Fly Traps

BitingFlyTrap These help control horse flies, deer flies, and horn flies in pastures, paddocks, kennels and swimming pools. Biting flies are attracted to the special fiberglass panel and trapped by replaceable Stiky Sleeve. Each trap can catch as many as 5000 flies.Package Contains:
  • 1 Fiberglass Cylinder
  • 1 Wooden Stake
  • 2 Brass Fasteners
  • 2 Giant Paperclips
  • 1 Stiky Sleeve
  • 1 Stiky Sleeve Replacement
  • Biting Fly Trap


  • Replacement Sleeves (10) for Biting Fly Trap




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