At Bakers Acres in North Lansing, NY


– Strawberry
– Catnip & mixed
– Oregano
– Woodsage
– Lemon verbena
– Scented geranium


  • 11 weekly releases of 1000 Encarsia March 9 through May
  • 1 Lantana Guardian Plant per herb crop on 55 ft2 table
  • 10 samples per crop, 2 samples per Lantana plant


  • Whitefly parasites readily found on Lantana every week after establishment, but almost undetectable on crop.
  • Less than 1 adult whitefly per 5 crop samples most of the season

Season Long Average Key Indicators

  • Pull Ratio 79
  • Balance Ratio 0.6
  • Presence of Natural Enemy immatures constant
  • Pest Frequency 0.17


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  • USDA Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Grants ONE05-03, ONE06-056, ONE07-071, and ONE11-142
  • NE IPM Center Grants 3376-IPM-USDA-2103 & 3613 IPML-USDA-8446
  • Mark Yadon, Mischler’s Florist and Greenhouse
  • Reenie Sandsted and Cathy Kessler, Bakers Acres of N. Lansing
  • Lloyd Traven and Joe Volpe, Peace Tree Farm, Kintnersville, PA
  • Mark Zittel, Amos Zittel & Sons, Eden, NY
  • Joe Ogrodnick, NYS Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Dr. Kevin Zippel and Michelle Ten Eyck, IPM Laboratories, Inc.
  • Dr. Sally Newman, Flora & Fauna
  • Margaret Skinner and Cheryl Frank, University of Vermont