Fly Parasites For House Flies and Stable Flies

Remember: Anything you can do to disrupt the fly life cycle will help keep their numbers down.

Use of Fly Parasites:

  • No Side Effects
  • Long-term Fly Control
  • Natural, Organic
  • Reduces Chemical User

They’re a Natural!

Fly parasites prevent adult flies from hatching. These tiny beneficial insects kill the pupae and then use the killed pupae as “nurseries” to grow new parasites.

Stop Fly Breeding with Fly Parasites
Release throughout the fly season every week or every other week. See the recommended release schedules below. Place the Fly Parasites near manure piles, in stalls and areas of the paddock where horses tend to congregate and areas where moisture encourages maggots to appear. Shortly after the maggots form pupae, the Fly Parasites will attack them.

Fly Parasite Schedules (shipping cost included) Order by June 10
(A host pupa contains 1 to 8 fly parasites, depending on the species.)
Arrives between Wednesday and Friday.

Sched. No. of Horses No. of host pupae No. of shipments Frequency Total Charge
A 1 – 9 5,000 10 Every other week $ 228.85
B 10 – 19 10,000 10 Every other week $ 278.98
C 20 – 39 10,000 20 Weekly $ 519.20

For best results, start in May.

  • Fly Parasite Schedule A


  • Fly Parasite Schedule B


  • Fly Parasite Schedule C


IPM Laboratories, Inc. warrants that the biological controls you receive will be alive and healthy when received and will contain the correct number of the species you ordered. However, as with any pest control measure, success cannot be guaranteed. IPM Laboratories, Inc. makes no guarantee, express or implied, as to the effectiveness of these products.