IPM Labs’ mission is to supply beneficial organisms for the biological control of pests and to support their successful use. We produce 7 species of beneficial organisms and distribute more than 45 other species.IPM Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 1981 as IPM Services and offered pest management and consulting. In 1985 we began producing beneficial insects and incorporated under our current name. In 1988 we published our first catalog and newsletter for the greenhouse and nursery industry.Today we supply beneficial insects and information (in the form of articles, fact sheets and conference presentations) on integrated pest management, individual pests and environments. Our region is nationwide.

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    [ announcement ] [ 07-03-2015 ]     
Cultivate’15 July 12-14, 2015!
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Come to Booth 2637 to see Carol and Scott at OFA…now called Cultivate’15 in Columbus Ohio! They’ll have beneficial insects, beneficial mites, and banker plants. Hope to see you there!

    [ announcement ] [ 10-13-2014 ]     
Boosting Bankers
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For a GREAT summary of aphid banker plant research, check out this Greenhouse Canada article by Sarah Jandricic and Steve Frank  of North Carolina State at http://www.greenhousecanada.com/content/view/4310/38/ !  They detail the reasons why barley and wheat are better banker plant hosts …

    [ announcement ] [ 09-24-2009 ]     
Check out the new [good] fly in town
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The hunter fly catches shoreflies and fungus gnats on the wing. Thanks to Suzanne Wainwirght for pointing out this link. There is a fun animation at the bottom of the page. Geared to kids, it is great for all ages!

    [ announcement ] [ 08-05-2009 ]     
Carol Glenister given Excellence in IPM Award
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The NYS IPM Program presented Carol a lovely plaque and green mug with a gold logo for “her outstanding work in supporting and promoting IPM”. The presentation was made at the Cornell Floriculture Field Days in Ithaca NY on July 21.

    [ announcement ] [ 08-05-2009 ]     
Guardian Plants on You Tube
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Take a look at the Guardian Plant container that I entered into the Kathy Pufahl mixed planter competition at the Cornell Floriculture Field Days. The first place medal is in the Home Gardener class. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCO3fI_NnKw The plants in the container include barley for …

    [ announcement ] [ 03-22-2006 ]     
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